October 2, 2013

How to Have a Gorgeous Book-Themed Baby Shower

How do you have a gorgeous book-themed baby shower? Have your two besties (who know you all too well) get other friends to help, and let them get all crafty and awesome. Then just show up about 3 minutes before the first guest, and ooh and ahh at the cuteness. I should've taken more pictures, but at least I thought to snap a few with my phone. The pictures don't really do it justice - let me assure you that it was stunning!

The food table was surrounded by some of my favorite kids' books, and some beautiful antique editions of classics. (As well as some super delicious food. Those baguette things on the right were similar to this pin, and they were amazing. I won't tell you exactly how many this mama-to-be ate...)

How to Have a Gorgeous Book-Themed Baby Shower

As guests arrived, they were given papers and asked to identify 15 popular kids' book characters. (I got all of them right, as did at least six other people. Yay for bookish friends and family!)

How to Have a Gorgeous Book-Themed Baby Shower

Strung over the game area was an adorable book garland, which now resides in Juliet's book-themed nursery!

How to Have a Gorgeous Book-Themed Baby Shower

And then, because my friends are WAY out of my league in the crafty realm, they even made adorable bookmarks for everyone to take home as party favors.

How to Have a Gorgeous Book-Themed Baby Shower

We also played baby name games, which was perfect for this self-professed baby name addict, and there was a table with hair clip and headband supplies, so a bunch of tiny headbands got made for the baby, and a few bigger things that Eleanor has been greatly enjoying wearing.

(That skirt was part of a gift I received - there's a matching hand-made jumper for the little one. Eleanor has decided that it matches EVERYTHING, and has been assembling some rather staggeringly colorful outfits...)

So I think the Jellybean is all set to love books just as much as her big sister does!

 Are YOU crafty?
Can YOU identify all the book characters?

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